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Leave your details now to obtain an examination and dental radiography at no cost worth 500 NIS

Introductory price for new patients only 50% on each implant + structure + crown + treatment by a dental expert

The Basal Implantology Center offers you dental implantology treatments in one day with an option of dental implantology under general anesthesia. In other words, to wake up as new!  A method proven as successful and efficient with high success rates.

At the Basal Implantology Center, the treatment rooms are located overlooking the sea with maximum peace and tranquility. The design of the place radiates a pleasant atmosphere with an innovative medical design amongst the most advanced in Europe. At the medical center, there are experts with various diplomas in all areas of dental medicine. You are invited to tell us a little about yourself and in return, you will receive a free dental radiograph and an examination by a dental expert at no cost and without any obligation.


Implants have been carried out via this benefit

המרכז להשתלה בזאלית

Address and Office Hours

Allenby 1, Opera tower, First floor, Tel Aviv

Tel: +972-3-6298719

Alternatively, contact us by mail: info@basalclinic.co.il

Business operating hours:

Sunday-Thursday: 09:00 – 19:00

Friday and holiday eves: 09:00-13:00

The building has an underground parking (for a fee). No need to look for parking when you visit us.


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