All on 4 Dental Implantology

All on 4 Dental Implantology

Until recently, installing dentures was the only solution for people suffering from lack of teeth, mostly because there was no alternative solution which was more attractive. With the introduction of dental implants into dentistry, dental implanting has come into use and has constituted a breakthrough treatment. The dental implant serves as substitute for the root of the tooth and a crown can be installed on it, therefore avoiding the installation of a cumbersome and uncomfortable denture. However, there are cases where it is impossible to load implants on the jaw due to deficiency in the bone height, deficiency in bone density sufficient for implants and such. In these cases, the procedure of installing the implants depends on more complex surgical treatments such as sinus lifting or bone implanting, which are considered complex and involve a long a difficult recovery. The All on 4 dental implanting method was developed about a decade ago, and has brought an additional, quicker solution to the world of dentistry, for performing dental implanting on people with bone deficiency.

What is the All on 4 Method?

The All on 4 method is considered a new and advanced method for implanting teeth, which utilizes the existing bone at the front of the mouth for inserting 4 special implants which enable installing a bridge with 12 teeth at once. The main advantage of the All on 4 method is enabling performing single day dental implanting, thus shortening the recovery time significantly.

How is Single Day Dental Implanting Performed?

The All on 4 method is based on inserting front implants at a 90 degree angle, and inserting rear implants at a 45 degree angle. This way, an extremely stable support is created, which enables carrying the load of teeth without damaging the structure of the formation. The accurate location of the four implants is extremely important, therefore dentist are assisted by a CT image which provides them with a detailed and accurate image of the relevant jaw. With the help of the image it is possible to determine the exact location of the four implants and to perform the entire surgical procedure in a single day only – starting with extracting the faulty teeth, installing the titanium bolts and installing the temporary denture on them. Due to the short procedure, a person after an All on 4 treatment can eat and smile from ear to ear immediately following the treatment. After several months, the temporary denture is replaced with a full bridge of china crowns, which is also installed on those four implants. It is important to note that patients with dental anxiety, with systematic problems (high blood pressure, diabetes, dialysis patients and such) as well as patients with a high gag reflex, can have the dental implanting done under full anesthesia.

Who is the All on 4 Dental Implanting Method Suitable for?

The method is intended for people suffering from partial or full lack of teeth who wish to improve the quality of their lives and to enjoy permanent teeth. Dental implanting in the All on 4 method has been performed for over a decade, and studies in the area estimate that the method has more than 97% success rate, and that the restoration of the mouth is especially fast. However, it should be noted that there are factors which reduce the chances of absorbing the implants, such as the existence of gingivitis, therefore in these cases dentists do not perform implants. The existence of other health problems, not necessarily dental ones, might also prevent performing the implanting. In addition, if the jaw bone is extremely thin or too low, it is impossible to perform the procedure.

In these cases, where people suffer from a critical bone deficiency, basal implanting is a method which provides an optimal solution, since it is possible for anyone requiring teeth implanting, regardless of the condition of the jaw bone. This method has been developed over 20 years ago by Professor Gérard Scortecci, a dentist specializing in dental implanting. Since the beginning of development, the method has been developed continuously, until today when it is definitely becoming the preferred method. Even on the first day of treatment, the patient can leave the clinic with a set of teeth, and conduct naturally, eating and smiling.

We invite you to set a consultation meeting with the specialists of the Basal Implantology Center so that we could offer the best solution for you.

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