About Basal Implantology Dental Center

At the Basal Implantology Center, we specialize in innovative and advanced dental treatments for the public.

For example:

      • Basal Implantology – Simultaneous implantology and reconstruction of the entropic jaws in the course of 7 days without sinus lifting and without bone in a method called Implantology Basal, which was developed by Prof. G. Scortecci. The implants location is in the Basal bone.
      • Sinus lifting – For patients with severe lack of bone, requiring permanent dental implants in the upper jaw.

Why Us?

In order for us to always be able to provide our patients with the state-of the-art dental medicine, we are constantly required to extend the skills and qualifications of our team of experts by short courses provided at the many study centers in Israel, England and France such as:

Royal College of Surgeons of England

Nice University – Studying Centers of Cannes under the Supervision of G. Scortecci (Basal Implantology)

Since each patient is different in structure and need, we are obliged to provide each patient with the best and optimal treatment to provide him with

A prettier smile, painless eating and good health.

At the Basal Implantology Center you may find the most sophisticated equipment in Israel and Europe starting with:

  • A 3D computerized surgery planning for early and accurate diagnosis of the patient’s jaw.
  • Use of Ultra Sound vibration for preparing the location of the implant and an accurate analysis/surgery of the Sinus.
  • Open Sinus Lifting – this method actually prevents pains after the surgery as well as secondary bleeding and swellings.
  • Advanced equipment for special cases, which not every clinic can keep.